BC professors David Takeuchi, James Lubben, and Ruth McRoy are pushing the boundaries of social work


As Dean Alberto Godenzi writes, “At the Boston College School of Social Work, we see ourselves as changemakers who are willing to challenge existing conditions. We are forward-looking, refusing to waste time on what we can’t change, but instead, innovating on what we can do.” This active spirit to build a better world is embodied in the work of three of the school’s leaders, Professors Ruth McRoy, James Lubben, and David Takeuchi, all of whom bring with them a unique background in social work higher education and research.

In this issue of BC Social Work magazine, we chronicle several projects that these visionaries are currently engaged in. Enjoy!

Ruth McRoyIn poor rural communities with big hearts and strong faith, McRoy studies a way out of foster care for urban children who are caught in the grip of parentlessness. READ MORE.

Jim LubbenAs an architect of the Grand Challenges for Social Work, Lubben makes his mark on what promises to be an exciting new agenda for 21st century social innovators.  READ MORE.

Takeuchi investigates why pumping iron has come to mean something far more than building muscles in a Boston gym, where vulnerable youth are given tools to attain socio-economic mobility. READ MORE.